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Agrochemischer Pflanzenschutz Acarid Cicade Thrip Control Nematode Insektizid Flufenoxuron


Modell:  95%Tech


Modell Nr .: 95% Tech Quelle: Organischer Synthesemodus: Kontakt Insektizid OEM: Ja Warenzeichen: fuang Herkunft: Shandong, China Aussehen: Granulat Toxizität von Hoch und Niedrig: Niedrige Toxizität von Reagenzien Toxikologische Wirkung: Nervengift CAS: 101463-69- 8 Spezifikation: 5 g HS-Code: 38089090
Active ingredient
Common name flufenoxuron
Chemical name N-[[[4-[2-chloro-4-(trifluoromethyl)phenoxy]-2-fluorophenyl]amino]carbonyl]-2,6-difluorobenzamide     
CAS No 101463-69-8
Molecular Formula  C21H11ClF6N2O3
Structural Formula
Pesticide category Insecticide
Analytical method Product by lc. Residues by hplc. Details from BASF
Mode of Action Insect and acarid growth regulator with contact and stomach action. Treated larvae die at the
 next moult or during the ensuing instar. Treated adults lay non-viable eggs
Characteristics and Uses    Control of immature stages of many phytophagous mites (Aculus, Brevipalpus, Panonychus, 
Phyllocoptruta, Tetranychus  spp) and insect pests on pome fruit, vines, 
citrus fruit, tea, cotton, maize, soya beans, vegetables and ornamentals. Applied at 25-200 
g/ha , depending on the crop and pests
Oral Acute oral LD50 for rats >3000  mg
tech. /kg.  Skin and eye Acute percutaneous LD50
 for rats and mice >2000  mg /kg. Non-irritating to eyes and skin (rabbits). Not a skin sensitiser (guinea pigs, 
 M&K ).  Inhalation LC50 (4 h) for rats >5.1  mg /l air. 
 NOEL (1 y) for dogs 100  mg0 / kg  diet 
(3.6  mg / kg  b.w.  daily);
 (2 y) for rats 50 3 mg / kg diet 
(2.5  mg / kg  b.w.daily);
 (2 y) for mice 1000 mg/ kg  diet
 (170 mg0 / kg   b.w.  daily) 
 ADI 0.025 mg /kg  b.w
Product name Flufenoxuron 
Packaging For liquid formulations: 200L/drum, 25L/drum, 20L/drum, 5L/drum, 1L/bottle, 500ml/bottle, 
250ml/bottle, 100ml/bottle, 50ml/bottle, For solid formulations: 25kg/drum or bag, 10kg/bag,
 1kg/alu.bag, 500g/alu.bag, 250g/alu.bag, 100g/alu.bag, 50g/alu.bag or packing according to 
customers demand.

Andere fomulated: 5 & percnt; EC 5 & percnt; DC & semi;

Shanghai Fuang Agrochemische Co & Periode;
Hinzufügen: 818 Dongfang Road, Shanghai, 200122, China
Te & Sol; Faxl: & plus 86-21-6882 9766,
Web: www & Zeitraum; chinafuang & period; com

Produktgruppe : Insektizid

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